The Flying Inkpot – Bruckner Symphony No. 9 – Orchestra Sinfonica dell’Emilia Romagna “Arturo Toscanini” – Vladimir Delman

Derek Lim

Just past his forties, Derek has many varied interests, including painting, writing and scuba diving. Talk to him about Mahler, the late Romantics and dead performers.

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Derek Lim says:

Thanks for your comments, Chris. Which orchestra did you see him conduct in the 70s and 90s? Have you heard any of his other recordings? Welcome to TFI, by the way.


Chris Howell says:

I agree with all this except for one detail. When I first saw Delman conduct in the late 1970s, he used no baton, but I attended several of his later concerts in the early 1990s and by then he was always using a baton. Presumably, then, he used it in this Bruckner performance.
He was terrific in Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich (which you might expect), also in Berlioz and Mahler. His Beethoven 9 was pretty impressive too.