A Cappella Championships 2012

Derek Lim

Just past his forties, Derek has many varied interests, including painting, writing and scuba diving. Talk to him about Mahler, the late Romantics and dead performers.

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dcustodian says:

Music, the food of the soul. A cappella, music in its purest form. Do you know having a vocal exercise can tone your muscles and help burn fats too. Found that out. Love music, live it

Musician says:

Although Resonance is technically better, I enjoyed Voix-la! performance more. Voix-la! did more recent songs, had stronger solos and a fantastic vocal percussionist! Most importantly, they entertained the audiences.

I expected them to win but I supposed the Judges favoured technicality over entertainment.

weareyoungmuch says:

Indeed it was entertaining.

James says:

I felt that Voix-la! was robbed off the title. They were much more entertaining and had better soloists. Overall, I felt that their arrangements were riskier, and they pulled it off, it was also accredited with the help of their amazing vocal percussionist.