The Flying Inkpot – Trout Quintet Explained — Naxos

Franz Schubert

An Introduction to… SCHUBERT: ‘Trout’ Quintet
Author and Narrator: Jeremy Siepmann

Naxos Educational 8.558075-76

by Derek Lim

Naxos have outdone their own generally high standards with this excellent educational release written and narrated by Jeremy Siepmann. Going back to school, so to speak, is not the most fun thing to do, but this introduction proves there are always exceptions. It pays to have someone who understands the material narrate as well — Siepmann presents everything in an interesting way, always with full musical examples, and goes to great lengths to explain certain concepts such as a “foreign” key. You’ll need more than just a passing aquaintance with certain musical terms, but Naxos have pre-empted this with a thick booklet full of explanations and a glossary of the important words that a relative beginner might not understand.

Some parts prove a little trying, for example, the constant breaking down of the themes into their component parts and then listening to them over and over again as we assimilate them, but the rewards are plenty. If you’ve ever loved the Trout Quintet, (don’t be shocked but I know a couple of friends who don’t!) and even if you think you know it well, this release here should prove illuminating.

Complete performances of each movement follow the musical dissection, played by Jeno Jando and the Kodaly Quartet are included, so if you like you can either program your CD player or burn a new CD from the two – the performances aren’t the last word in the Trout, somewhat uninvolved, but still perfectly satisfactory. Don’t miss a chance to know an old friend better.

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