Good Vibrations – An Interview with guitarist Shin-ichi Fukuda

Derek Lim

Just past his forties, Derek has many varied interests, including painting, writing and scuba diving. Talk to him about Mahler, the late Romantics and dead performers.

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Clother COSTE says:

J’ai connu Shinchi en 1980 lors des rencontres de la guitare à Castres (France) ! J’ai hébergé Shinichi pendant les rencontres.
Serait-il possible d’avoir ses coordonnées électroniques ?
Clother Coste

Shin-ichi Fukuda says:

Dear Clother,
How are you ? How’s life ? I hope you are fine.
I’m fine in Tokyo, and playing a lot in all over the world.
I never forget your family in Castres 1979, 1982.

Please contact me !
Shin-ichi Fukuda

Shin-ichi Fukuda says:

Please request Facebook friend !