BACH Cantatas Vol.36 – BWVs 112-114. Various/Bach-Collegium Stuttgart/Rilling (Hännsler) – INKPOT

Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750)
Edition Bachakadamie Vol.36
BWV 112 Der Herr ist mein getreuer Hirt
BWV 113
Herr Jesu Christ, du hchstes Gut
BWV 114 Ach, lieben Christen, seid getrost
Inga Nielsen Arleen Augr Gabrielle Schnaut sopranos
Gabrielle Schreckenbach Julia Hamari altos
Aldo Baldin Adalbert Kraus Kurt Equiluz tenors
Walter Heldwein Niklaus Tuller Wolfgang Schne basses
Gchinger Kantorei Frankfurter Kantorei
Bach-Collegium Stuttgart

directed by Helmuth Rilling

Includes German texts with translations in French, English and Spanish.
Reissued 1999.

HÄNSSLER Classic CD 92.036
[66:45] mid-price

by Jonathan Yungkans
Hänssler’s complete Bach edition continues apace with outstanding renditions of these sacred cantatas. Bach’s intention to modernize church music planted seeds that yielded choice fruit with pieces like these, which not only mirror the Scripture texts but also illustrate them in musical ways recalling Richard Strauss over a century later. These cantatas are frequently quite tuneful, with many of the arias and chorales up to Bach’s own high standard and fully deserving of hearings outside of their present settings.

Singers and instrumentalists are uniformly excellent. Helmut Rilling’s brisk conducting keeps the proceedings moving, and the 1973-81 recorded sound, clear and close-up, has just enough hall ambiance to give some warmth and air around the notes. The notes by Dr. Andreas Bomba give cultural and textual contexts especially helpful in works such as these. The text translation Hanssler uses in the libretti differs from the one from which Dr. Bomba quotes, which at times can prove disconcerting. But even with this added effort, the good doctor’s comments prove extremely illuminating.

One point that the editor considered a disappointment in his review

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