INKPOT#106: SIBELIUS En Saga. Spring Song. Kuolema excerpts. The Bard. Tapiola. Gothenburg SO/Järvi (DG)

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Alan says:

Hello. Sorry this comment bears no relevance to the above record review. Does anyone know the meaning of the (Italian?0 musical term that is abbreviated to “gest.” I saw it on the score of the Sib. 4th symphony, directly at bassoons and horns, and offset a few bars later by “nat.”, I assume naturalamente or something like that. I know the “gest.” direction coincides with some remarkable snarling sounds in the brass near the beginning of the first mobvement. Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me.

Derek Lim says:

Alan, gest. probably means ‘stopped’, and nat. ‘naturalmente’- wrt this without stops.