INKPOT#50 CLASSICAL MUSIC REVIEWS: Bernstein – Selected Readings

LEONARD BERNSTEIN: Selected Book RecommendationsReviews

by Adrian Tan

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The Joy of Music (1994)
by Leonard Bernstein – Anchor (paperback) – ISBN 0-38-547201-3.
Widely hailed by the critics and the public alike, and a national best-seller on its publication, The Joy Of Music is Leonard Bernstein’s first collection of essays and conversations on the world of music. Whether illustrating the blues or fathoming the peculiar greatness of Beethoven, Bernstein’s exuberant genius illuminates and enriches.

Leonard Bernstein (1995)
by Humphrey Burton – Anchor (paperback) – ISBN: 0-38-542352-7.
A sensitive, well-balanced account of the great American maestro’s life and works. Biographer Burton, for over 20 years Bernstein’s television and video director, neatly avoids most of the pitfalls that wait for a close friend who attempts an authoritative portrait within a very few years of the death of its subject. Images of Bernstein the conductor and musical pedagogue are still so powerfully etched in our consciousness that an objective appraisal of Bernstein’s own music is not yet possible. Simply the best of the Bernstein biographies so far.

The Infinite Variety of Music (1993)
by Leonard Bernstein – Anchor (paperback)- ISBN 0-38-542438-8.
Includes Leonard Bernstein’s “Imaginary Conversation with the Muzak Muse”, television scripts on “The Infinite Variety of Music”, “Jazz in Serious Music”, “The Ageless Mozart”, “Rhythm”, “Romanticism in Music” and also four symphonic analyses of Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven and Brahms. A must-read!

The Unanswered Question : Six Lectures at Harvard (1976)
by Leonard Bernstein – Harvard University Press (paperback) – ISBN: 0-67-492001-5 (cover not available).
Leonard Bernstein’s Norton Lectures exploring musical experience, the past and future of music drew cheers from his Harvard audiences and television viewers. He considers music ranging from Hindu Ragas to Ravel, Copland, Schoenberg and Stravinsky. Witty, charming and brilliant. Vital and evocative.

These books may be found or ordered from Borders (Wheelock Place), “major bookstores” or Books. Note: according to Amazon, some of the above titles are out of stock/print.

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